Pierre Clisson

I like to tackle challenging problems with creative thinking. With twenty years of experience as a freelancer, I can step in your next IT project at various positions: backend and frontend development, data engineering, audit, management.

Full Stack Web Development

I love novel ideas and ambitious projects. I can help with strategic and technical development. My services include architecture and web programming, with a strong focus on SEO, accessibility, standards, and security. Oh, and here is another buzzword: I can do DevOps too.

Machine Learning

There are patterns in your data. Let me help you build predictive models or define your Artificial Intelligence architecture.

Brain-Computer Interfaces

I am passionate about cognitive enhancement, brain interfacing, and neurotechnology in general. If this is your thing too, let's talk.

Offensive Security

I have been active in the field of ethical hacking and social engineering for nearly two decades. I offer a full range of security assessments: penetration testing, code audit, protocol analysis, red team coordination, you name it.

Inner Engineering

Consciousness can be expanded with the help of precise, systematic methods. As a certified instructor, I can teach you how.

Yoga Nidrā

Yoga Nidrā is the state of conscious deep sleep. On the journey towards Yoga Nidrā, you will discover a profound relaxation, develop your meditation and explore lucid dreaming.


You will learn to approach meditation through the doors of body, energy and mind. These methods can be applied whatever your goal is: stress relief, emotional or physical healing, spiritual development.


I may be available for hire. Tell me about your project and let's schedule a call.


Read a few recommendations from previous clients on my LinkedIn account.


You can find my Github account here. Please be aware, however, that most of my work is not public.


You can reach me at: +33 972 119 168.